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Ice for the Eskimos

In Career Moves on May 24, 2011 at 10:26 am

Today is my birthday. I am now 37. On my 37th birthday, I have decided to start a blog. I am going to call it “This could SO get me fired!” Why? Because I want to be absolutely honest and being honest can sometimes get a person fired.

I like being honest. I’ve been told it’s refreshing. Honesty is not always refreshing, however, to your current employer when that honesty involves revealing the feeling of being in a dead-end job. That is how I feel. I feel desperate to escape before my brain rots off its stem. There is no “up” in this position. There is no moving in any direction whatsoever. There is just right here.

Staying “right here” might be rewarding to some. It is safe. I don’t want safe. I want the opportunity to “one-up” myself each year. I want to push for a goal and go beyond it. I want to challenge myself with something new and just a little more difficult than the last thing. “I want to be somebody!” (I do believe that is a country song.) I will never be encouraged to be special in this firm. I will not be encouraged to take initiative and challenge the status quo.

Actually, I believe I already am “somebody.” I am darn special! I know that. I live in my head and hear my awesome thoughts and ideas daily. I want the opportunity for others to listen in and experience the “awesomeness” that is Alana. I want to be recognized for my special talents.

I can’t sit around and wait for someone to give me an opportunity. Most times, you make your own opportunity through hard work, elbow grease. If opportunity comes knocking, it’s because you carried it to your own door on your own back, up-hill, on a 107-degree August day in Mississippi. So…here I go picking up my opportunity and running with it.

I want to write. It really doesn’t matter what type of writing. I just want to do something I’ve had an inclination to do my whole life. I wrote my first story when I was only about 4 or 5. Don’t believe me? Just ask my Daddy. I’m sure he still has a copy of it stuck in the family Bible on the bookshelf in the hall. That is where it used to be, anyway. I couldn’t actually “write” back then. I dictated it, and Mama wrote it down. I took care of the illustration, of course. The heroine of the story was a little girl named Merigold, like the flower. She had a garden. That is all I remember. Give me a break! Not like it was on the New York Times Best Sellers list!

In my pre-teen years, I wrote long, LONG letters to relatives and friends. Letters…you know those things that involved paper, pens and a stamp? I also wrote in my journals back then. I still journal. When I turn 57, I will probably think last week’s journal entry is just as silly as those I wrote at 16. Silly yet filled with insight into what makes up Alana…sugar and spice and everything nice and maybe a puppy dog tail or two for good measure.

English Comp was a pure delight. Up to that point, most of my “real” writing had been research papers, figuring out how to regurgitate another’s words to avoid plagiarism. Research papers were the bane of my existence. They gave me nightmares and cold sweats. How I did dread the yearly term paper. Just the site of index cards made me want to run screaming in terror. Granted, I never made less than a B grade on one my whole life. Slaying the dragon does not necessarily make it any less scary.

So these two things I know: 1) My career is not going to progress in my current location and 2) I would like to do more writing. The next reasonable step would be to find a new job. Find a job that involves using my brain (creativity), offers ways to advance in my career and involves more writing. Bingo! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! I just finished my Bachelor’s Degree. I am extremely bright and resourceful. I am a hard-working perfectionist. I even own my own copy of the 2009 AP Stylebook. This should be a snap!


It is not a snap. I began looking for a new job with the above potential back in May of 2010, when I earned my degree. How am I doing? Ohhhh…resumes sent – about 10, interviews – 3, job offers – 0. Let me put that in another perspective. Before I earned my degree, if I interviewed for a job, I was almost always offered the job. Don’t ask me why. I already told you I am awesome.

Someone once told me I could sell ice to an Eskimo if I tried. Up until this past year, I’ve always felt I did a pretty good job at selling myself, my abilities as an employee to a prospective employer. Today, I am not so sure. Is it the job market? Is it the fact that I’m looking for jobs that pay more than $35,000 a year now? What is different?

I am still a perfectionist. I am still a gem of an employee. I can still work without supervision all the live-long day. I get excited about my accomplishments and will do back flips for a “good job!” from a supervisor. I excel rather than crack under pressure. I am organized, and I love to cross-train in different departments. Not only that, today, a mistake has me committing to doing better next time rather than bringing me to tears! (Big accomplishment, by the way.)

None of these Eskimos have wanted my ice! …and it’s damn good ice!

  1. I’ve said it once so I’ll say it again till you listen… Start up a something in writing!! A newsletter that your ice selling eskimo self can use all your tools. I see the genius in you now it’s til you do! Lots of opportunity in that realm. Believe me I get hit up daily. BTW blog is great!

    • Thank you, Bam! I am listening. Listening and building up the courage. You should tell me about some of these these things people hit you up to do. Maybe something might strike my fancy. Hugs!

  2. Alana, I was just thinking yesterday that I always thought you’d be a writer. You definitely have the talent and the one thing I thought you might lack was the ability to see how amazingly talented you are. After reading the blog I believe you have reached high enough on your hill to see all the potential, talent and creativity that you possess. If I was in any position in which I could hire anyone for a creative position (or any position), this is one eskimo that would buy all the ice you could deliver.

    • Monica (Ms. Mashburn as I will always think of you) I read that on my phone earlier in the day, and it made tears come to my eyes. It feels good to hear that people believe in me. Thank you!!!

      Maybe through this blog, those who are in a hiring type position will see my potential and take advantage of it.

      …fingers crossed…

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