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BEWARE of the Love Zombie!

In Relationships on February 28, 2013 at 9:15 pm

Don’t be the rebound bitch.

Men who are going through a breakup or who have recently divorced are needy. They are open wounds grasping for reassurance and acceptance, seeking affirmation. Do not, under any circumstances, confuse this with feelings for you. Stay away!

Men on the rebound are the zombies of the dating world!

Larry as a zombie

I must have your heart! Uggghhhhrrrggghhh!!!!
~ Mr. Love R. Zombie

These love zombies will feast on your heart until they are human once more, then they will leave you in their dust.

Like zombies, they don’t even know what they are doing. They are mindless creatures driven by need, confused and ravenous.

Hone your skills of perception, ladies. A love zombie can be disguised as your perfect mate. He may have all the markers of a life companion, custom tailored for you, but he cannot change what he is inside.

When he awakens a new man, restored by feasting on your heart and soul, you both will be different people. The likelihood of a healthy relationship will be non-existant.

When a love zombie comes stumbling your way, you must save yourself! Grab the nearest baseball bat and run, run, RUN!!!

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